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I will travel anywhere in Montana, Wyoming, and other intermountain states to provide informative solutions to tree problems faced by owners and managers of trees. I am not a technician, trainee, or specialist; I am a Registered Consulting Arborist® who looks forward to learning of and listening to your concerns and questions about your trees. My goal is to apply the art and science of modern arboriculture and urban forestry with practical field experience to provide objective information that successfully solves your tree problems.

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Thank you for visiting my web site! To set up an on-site appointment at your convenience or to inquire further about my services, contact me at:
Mike Garvey
Garvey’s Urban Forest/Montana Tree Consultant
P.O. Box 21279
Billings MT 59104-1279
(406) 698-7178


SOIL TESTING… 8 out of 10 times a tree has a health problem; the first cause of the problem is related to the soil it is living in!

Tree Root Inspections

TREE ROOT INSPECTIONS…the majority of tree health problems actually are directly related to the tree’s root system.

Tree Planting

Tree planting…on average, a tree planted today will only live about 7 years! The reason has been commonly summed up by the expression “wrong tree – wrong site.”

I believe that expression is correct, yet I prefer to expand that thought to include “wrong planting technique.”

Tree Diagnostics

Tree Diagnostics…the first and foremost requirement to correctly identify any tree problem is to know what kind of tree it actually is – its species! In the highly-accredited reference manual “Insects That Feed On Trees and Shrubs” 2nd edition revised; authors Warren T. Johnson and Howard H. Lyon lend this excellent requirement of diagnostics:

“The plant, of course, must be identified first.”

As an example: can you identify which pine tree has normal color and which pine has abnormal color? Maybe they are both showing normal needle color? Or maybe they are both showing abnormal color?

Here’s another interesting scenario to diagnose: can you identify which leaf is showing signs that it’s infected with a serious disease, and which leaf is showing normal leaf hairs? A close inspection of the two leaves should give you some good clues, but…if you picked the leaf with the white hairs, brown leaf color, and black spots on the leaf midrib – can you identify the disease?

Correct tree diagnostics starts with identifying the tree species. Do not contract or hire any so-called “tree expert” if she or he cannot tell you what tree you are looking at!

Correctly identifying tree species and correctly diagnosing any insect, disease, or planting problem the tree may have is a difficult task! I take pride in being able to answer these questions. If I don’t know the answers I will work diligently to find them for you.


Applying EPA- approved insecticides, miticides, fungicides, and bactericides to help manage tree pest disorders is a important part of integrated pest management (IPM). All pesticide applications must be accordance with the label on the product…in my business the phrase:

“The label is the law” says it all.

Before any decision to apply pesticides is made, remember that the vast majority of insects are actually beneficial to the health of our planet Earth!

Is the insect shown in the following photo a harmful insect pest or not? If you or the pesticide “expert” that you have contracted can’t correctly identify this amazing looking creature, then I suggest you think twice about exterminating it.

Pesticide application services start at: $95.00


$150.00 per hour (billed in 15 minute increments). Per diem travel billed at: .55¢ per mile and all lodging costs as needed. Excludes costs, as needed, of equipment rental/ancillary information services/outside professional services.


$225.00 per hour (billed in 15 minute increments). Per diem travel billed at: .55¢ per mile and all lodging costs as needed.



Speaking honorariums: $500.00 and cost of travel & lodging.