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Mike Garvey, owner of Garvey’s Urban Forest LLC, is a Montana native who has 26 years of field experience by observing, planting, and managing trees in the challenging environment of the northern plains and the Rocky Mountain range of Montana. He has used this experience as the basis for his arboricultural consulting practice, which specializes in:

  • Tree risk assessment, evaluation & hazard identification
  • Tree inventories & appraisals
  • Writing plant health care management programs
  • Forensic investigations & tree disorder diagnostics
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Public speaking & educational forums

Mike has been a consulting arborist & commercial arborist for a variety of municipal projects & cases that include:

  • The City of Forsyth, MT
  • The City of Livingston, MT
  • The City of Rapid City, SD
  • The City of Casper, WY
  • The City of Billings, MT
  • The City of Colstrip, MT
  • The City of Sidney, MT
  • Montana Department of Transportation
  • The Town of Columbus, MT
  • Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation
  • Wyoming State Forestry
  • The City of Buffalo, Wyoming

He has also been a consultant for several private institutions and landowners that include:

  • Rocky Mountain College, Billings, MT
  • Hilands Golf Course, Billings, MT
  • Pryor Creek Golf Course, Huntley, MT
  • Rosebud Healthcare Center, Forsyth, MT
  • Yellowstone Country Club, Billings, MT
  • Stillwater Golf Club, Columbus, MT
  • The Moss Mansion, Billings, MT

In 2015, Mike was a guest speaker at the “Partners In Community Forestry Conference” sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation®. The conference, held in Denver, Colorado, is a national and international forum that provides education and learning experiences from urban forestry experts. Mike produced and co-presented the topic “245,000 Square Miles of Community Forestry: Creating a Viable Partnership in Two Large Rural States.”

Mike also produced and moderated a debate about tree fertilization options at the 2015 Northern Rockies Tree School conference, held in Livingston, Montana. He also led a field tour of trees located at the historic train station in Livingston. He also was a guest speaker at the 2015 Montana Nurserymen and Landscape Association trade show and conference where he presented a talk on planting and cultivating new tree species in Montana.

In 2013, he was a guest speaker at the Wyoming Groundkeepers & Growers Association, where he presented 2 talks on prescription tree disorder diagnostics, and successful tree planting techniques.

In 2012, he presented two talks as a guest speaker at the Long Island Arborist Association conference held in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York. He also presented two sessions at the Montana Nursery & Landscape convention held in Billings, MT. He also spoke at the Northern Rockies Tree School, held in Sheridan, Wyoming, and he was a guest panelist for the Montana & Idaho Recreation & Parks Association’s conference in Missoula, MT.

In 2011, he produced and presented the Montana Department of Natural Resource & Conservation (MT-DNRC) “Urban Forest Health Monitoring” workshops that were funded by the United States Forest Service & administered by MT-DNRC.Mike produced a 2 hour Powerpoint™ presentation for this project, and he travelled over 7, 000 miles of Montana highways & byways to speak at 35 communities across the State. He also was a guest speaker at the Northern Rockies Tree School in Red Lodge, Montana, and presented an urban-tree workshop for the Tree Board of the City of Red Lodge.

In 2010, he was a guest speaker for the following educational sessions:

  • Montana Department of Agriculture, Billings, MT
  • TruGreen® Regional Convention, Billings, MT
  • Rocky Mountain College, Department of Botany, Billings, MT
  • Northern Rockies Tree School, Cody, WY
  • Grounds Superintendants Association (GSA) Regional Conference, Billings, MT

In 2009, Mike was a guest speaker at the following venues:

  • American Society of Landscape Architects: Idaho & Montana Chapter. Boise, ID
  • Montana Nursery & Landscape Association. Billings, MT

He has presented several tree workshops, written articles, and conducted demonstrations for the MSU-Extension “Master Gardener” program, and the Billings’ Public Schools “Adult Education/Nite Owls” classes. He has also conducted Federal EPA Worker Protection Standards (WPS) training sessions for private-sector nursery & garden center employees. In May, 2014, Mike presented a tree planting workshop for the City of Sidney, MT in conjunction with the “Retree Sidney” Arbor Day event, and in October, 2014, Mike will be a guest presenter at the “Small Town Tree Board Retreat” to be held in Lewistown, MT, where he will conduct a workshop on proper tree-planting techniques and structural pruning of small trees.

Mike is a Past President of the Association of Montana Turf & Ornamental Professionals (AMTOPP) and he represented that organization in Washington, D.C. in association with the PLANET® “Day on the Hill” congressional lobbying efforts for green-industry interests. He also volunteered his services at the “Renewal & Remembrance” project at Arlington National Cemetery. He served on the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the ISA (RM-ISA) as State Director for Montana, co-founded the Billings Arboricultural Association, and recently founded the Billings Community Tree Project (BCTP).

In 2010 he co-founded the “Rocky Mountain Tree School”, a 2 day conference that focuses on urban forestry and arboriculture within the States of Wyoming and Montana. Over 150 attendees participate in this event that includes classroom and hands-on outdoor training sessions. Mike co-founded and organized the first “2013 Parade of Trees” in Billings, an event that enabled over 80 bicyclists to see and learn about the history of several historic and notable trees in Billings’ historic district.

In 2013, Mike also helped the Montana Urban & Community Forest Association draft and implement a proactive state-wide training protocol for the detection of emerald ash wood borer, – a fatally destructive insect of ash tree species not yet found in Montana.

Mike earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Montana College (now known as MSU-Billings), and is a Montana Department of Agriculture Certified Ornamental & Turf pesticide applicator.

He holds memberships and is an active participant for a variety of professional organizations:

  • Montana Urban & Community Forest Association (MUCFA)
  • Utah Chapter of the ISA (Utah-ISA)
  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)
  • American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA)

Mike is an ISA Certified Arborist and he is a 2007 graduate from the American Society of Consulting Arborists (ASCA) Consulting Academy. He is the first and only Montana arborist to have achieved ASCA’s Registered Consulting Arborist, RCA® credentials.

Presently, he is in the process of producing a tree care field guide manual for homeowners, landscapers, turf & pesticide technicians, and landscape designers/architects.


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Strategies to Help Diagnostic Skills When All the Neighbors are Totally Wrong, Half of the Tree is Already Dead, and One Quarter of the Clues Are Missing

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The Symbiotic Building Material of Trees

The Afterlife of Trees:
Sustaining the Beauty and Usefulness of Wood

To Feed or Not to Feed:
A Debate Forum to Exchange Facts, Experiences, and Opinions of the Benefits or Drawbacks of Recommending Fertilizer for Plant Health Care of Urban Forest Trees in the Rocky Mountains and Northern Plains

Useful Report Writing Tips

The Unseen Tree – Roots:
Problems and Solutions Associated With Planting Techniques in Our Urban Forests

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The Risks and Rewards of Planting Seldom Seen Tree Species in Montana

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245,000 Square Miles of Community Forestry:
Creating a Viable Partnership in Two Large Rural States

Garvey’s Urban Forest prides itself on being in the information business! We are happy to share our knowledge, please contact Mike Garvey for access to any of the above listed presentations at (406) 698-7178.