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Garvey’s Urban Forest (DBA Montana Tree Consultant)

Mike Garvey, RCA®, CA

Hello and thank you for visiting my website.

  • If you are a homeowner who needs to find out why your blue spruce tree is brown or why your green ash tree is yellow- I can help!
  • If you are looking to buy a home and are uncertain if the trees on that property are in good health and condition- I can help!
  • If you are wondering if the tall elm over your children’s play area is a risky or dangerous tree- I can help!
  • If you need to file an insurance claim to appraise the contributory or monetary value your maple tree was worth before your neighbor accidentally cut it down- I can help!
  • If you need an expert witness or consultant for a legal claim or trial involving trees-I can help!

I’ve designed my site to offer information in a conversational manner that allows you the opportunity to learn something new about trees and community forestry. All photographs were taken by me [Copyright© 2016. Mike Garvey] and I hope that these visuals will also aid you in solving your tree problems. My observational skills and educational background, mixed with a zeal for “digging the soil” field work, is the basis for my arboricultural consulting practice which specializes in:

  • Tree risk assessment, evaluation & tree hazard identification
  • Tree inventories & appraisals
  • Tree disorder diagnostics & prescriptive plant health care management plans
  • Forensic investigations & expert witness testimony
  • Public speaking, training workshops & educational forums

I will travel anywhere in Montana, Wyoming, and other intermountain states to provide informative solutions to tree problems faced by owners and managers of trees. I am not a technician, trainee, or specialist; I am a Registered Consulting Arborist® who looks forward to learning of and listening to your concerns and questions about your trees. My goal is to apply the art and science of modern arboriculture and urban forestry with practical field experience to provide objective information that successfully solves your tree problems.

Please browse my credentials, and view my tree, insect, and disease photos for more information and contact me to set up an onsite visit that’s convenient for you. And remember… “Mike Likes Trees!”

Best Regards,
Mike Garvey, RCA®, CA

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